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NEXUM Ultrasonic bolt measurement

The NEXUM pulse-echo ultrasonic time-of-flight (TOF) measurement device, measures, displays, stores and transfers bolt load and elongation data in a new, single purpose unit.

NEXUM uses a rugged, sealed color touch screen for all operator I/O. The screen uses proven medical touch panel hardware.

The measurement system is a hybrid technique, using the best of both analogue and digital signal processing techniques for fast signal acquisition and precise single shot TOF measurement.

Technical data

  • rechageable by external charger or Micro-USB
  • Resolution: 0.0001 mm
  • large 4,7” color touch screen
  • light weight – only 1.5 kg
  • IP44 protection class
  • cost-effective measurement of bolt elongation and preload force
  • compatible with MS Windows and MS Excel, no further special software required
  • build-in temperature probe for exact measurement