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Intelligente Bolt tensioner you have never seen before

Bolt Tensioning, Tamper proof, lightweight, Compact, Fast, Secure, Safe

special hydraulic tools for modern bolt tensioning. To be be used in a wide range of applications, from evenly tightening very small flange connections (e.g. Thread M8 / 1/4″) to tensioning very large bolts (up to M150 / 8″).
Safe and secure flange connections. Faster tensioning processes. Invented and produced in Germany

BoltTensioners include everything required for high-pressure bolt tensioning in one small unit, made for heavy duty jobs.With the integrated control unit, the whole tensioning process is monitored closely and the residual bolt force AFTER the tensioning process can be determined.
Everything is automatically documented in a tamper-proof Job Sheet

Avoid risk.
With our Bolt Tensioners including BoltForceDetermination, you always know the axial force you got in your connection. Fully automated, tamper proof documentated and for each single bolt.

Low weight.
We have integrated everything required for high pressure tensioning into our small BoltTensioners. Pressures up to 4.000 bar (58.000 psi) – completely safe for the operator. No need to carry external pumps or hoses. 

For very tight geometric situations, our BoltTensioners with significant smaller diameters are often the only possible solution.