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Field Controllers

The iEC field controller is reliable, easy to operate, and is self-contained in its own weatherproof, rugged case to protect it from the toughest of environments. 


  • Optimized for extreme duty applications >5,000 Nm
  • The Gen IV Controller utilizes three tightening strategies:
    – Torque Control: Drive the tool to a pre-set Target Torque
    – Angle Control: Drive the tool to or measure a pre-set
    Degree of Angle
    – Yield Control: Drive the tool to the Fastener Yield Point
    to achieve maximum clamp load
  • Multiple fastening strategies – Program up to 256 parameters with as many as 20 steps
  • Jobs capability – 99
  • Real-time curve viewing. Curve storage – 20,000
  • Rundown storage – 1,000,000
  • Event log – 5,000
  • Backup & restore through USB
  • Weatherproof, rugged case protects from the toughest environments
  • Compact design weighs less than 20 lbs
  • Ground clamp is quick and easy to set up and eliminates additional parts that are substantially heavy
  • Optional tool fan kit helps prevents tool overheating
  • Capable of interface with the AcraDyne series DualLever tools that offer two-hand, no tie down functionality
  • 110V — 220V compatible
  • Single Ethernet port increases speed of connectivity, signal stability, and signal consistency
  • Commands any tool in the AcraDyne line from 1 Nm to 17,000 Nm, all with one cable