Hydraulic Torque wrenches

Reliable and Robust

TNSP-Serie Basic Ratchet Link
from 232NM up to 44.593NM

Proven design and therefore high compatibility with existing tools.

  • Calibrated torque accuracy of ± 3%
  • Different coupling variants e.g. Quick, screw and plug-in couplings
  • Hydraulic connection rotatable 360 ° and foldable 180 °
  • Torsion ratchet pawl system for constant rotation angles
  • Torsion-free drive cylinder
  • Constant angle of rotation with every stroke
  • Low-wear gear bearing
  • Standard integrated reaction arm
  • Calibration test certificate when new delivered


Low Profile Ratchet Link 2-TNFP 232-2.414Nm // SW19 - SW60
Low Profile Ratchet Link 4-TNFP 585-6.474Nm // SW32 - SW80
Low Profile Ratchet Link 8-TNFP l.094-ll.774Nm // SW41 - SW105
Low Profile Ratchet Link 14-TNFP l.852-18.521Nm // SW50 - SW120
Low Profile Ratchet Link 30-TNFP 4.188-44.593Nm // SW85 - SW175