Terra X Bolting Grease
up to 1200 °C

Terra X is a uniform, blue-gray hot screw paste which is based on a selected biodegradable synthetic oil and a carefully balanced, extremely temperature-stable solid lubricant combination.

The base oil evaporates slowly at higher temperatures and is low in residues. As a result, the subsequent occurring dry lubrication is not impeded via the solid lubricants. At the same time, the solid lubricants used are so selected and coordinated to each other that a temperature-resistance up to +1200 °C is ensured. Through the use of the innovative solid lubricants, it is also ensured that no reactions take place between the screw material and solid lubricant.

Terra X does not contain any free heavy metals like lead, copper, aluminum, sulfur or molybdenum sulfide, which are known to react with the screw material at higher temperatures and weaken them.

Areas of application

This high-performance paste was specially developed for use as a bolting grease. Terra X is however also quite suitable as a screw paste for the normal temperature range and for lubrication of machine elements whose application temperature is very high and requires an effective separating layer for proper function.

Examples of use

  • High temperature screws in
  • Thermal power plants (turbine bolts/flanges, etc.)
  • Petrochemical sector
  • Automotive industry (emission systems)
  • Heating systems
  • Bolts, slideways and guideways that are operated in the high temperature range
  • screw and bolt lubrication in standard temperature range

Product characteristics

  • constant, reproducible friction ratios
  • Hot screw paste (-40 to +1200°C)
  • enables the non-destructive loosening of hot screws
  • prevents the baking and seizing-up of connecting elements, such as screws
  • suitable metallurgy – does not react with screw materials, even at high temperatures
  • Coefficient of friction µmin (Screw test bench): (M12/8.8) ca. 0,09; (M12/A2) ca. 0,12